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Jest for Fun!Jest for Fun! April Fool's Jokes: World's Hardest Puzzles Collection
Since 2005 thousands of parents, teachers, and others have enjoyed using my Animal Puzzle #12 April Fool's Day prank puzzle to stump clever kids at home and in the classroom. With the ceaseless demand and reuests for more puzzle designs, I'm pleased to finally release this new, refined JEST FOR FUN! April Fool's Jokes collection of my World's Hardest Puzzles, featuring several new puzzles designs.


Creativity Portal Founding the Creativity Portal® Web Site
What began in 2000 as my favorite collection of instructional art and craft Web sites quickly grew into an award-winning how-to resource and hub for creativity leaders, artists, authors, writers, and coaches. When Writer's Digest magazine came along and named it a '101 Best Website for Writers' (more than once), I knew it had served a higher, collaborative creative purpose.

Creativity PortalWorking with Author Jill Badonsky
The Nine Modern Day Muses, The Muse is In Creativity Manual and Awe-Manac author Jill Badonsky is my highly-creative, brilliant, funny mentor. Author of several creativity books and founder of the Kaizen-Muse™ coaching model, Jill is a true creativity pioneer that I am privileged and grateful to know. Oh, and her Modern Muses are seriously intertwingled within the pages of Creativity Portal, holding it up from extinction.

Mentioned in SARK'S 'Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper'
And labeling Creativity Portal 'an extravaganza of creativity.'
When a best selling author notices the value in your work, there's no denying the time and energy was well spent. Next, I was asked to contribute a small piece of writing now featured in SARK's online Journaling eProgram.

Money Plant Instructions Writing 'Cashius monetarius' Dollar Bill Origami Money Plant Making Book
The creative journey leading me to writing and publishing my first instructional how-to book Money Plant was phenomenal. Selling 2000+ copies in e-book and Amazon Kindle formats, amazing! However, the biggest complement came when author Harry Choron ask permission to use it in his book Money: Everything You Never Knew About Your Favorite Thing to Find, Save, Spend, and Covet.

Creativity PatchDesigning the Creativity Patch for Denver Art Museum (Colorado, USA)
My fake product, the Mirecle33 Creativity Patch, made its debut in 2005. Soon after, the folks at the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, USA, commissioned my design to launch their LIFE MEETS ART program. You can download and print the original patch design for your own amusement here.

Lost in Space Cast Interviewing Child Star Angela Cartwright
Remember Penny Robinson from the campy TV show Lost in Space? I had the opportunity to ask former child star Angela Cartwright a few questions about her life as an actress and artist in this exclusive Creativity Portal interview.

Published in Northwest Quarterly Magazine
My first freelance writing assignment in which I
acted as if I were an interviewer, photographer, and writer for the article Winneshiek Players: Bringing People Together for 87 Years,taught me a million lessons. Foremost: Acting as if works!

Updated 3/13/14

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