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Best Diet Cookies Ever!

“Chris Dunmire is an effervescent creative force. Her irreverent style captures and delights me, her expansive creative applications thrill me. Chris's words and art are full of humor, depth, and play. She is an uncommon inventor.” —Bestselling Author SARK, PlanetSark.com

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Musings & inner dialogue. Thoughts on creativity. Where inspiration meets perspiration. The keys to creativity. Unlearning. Relearning. Adaptive execution. Nit Wits . Brainstorming. Play. Humor.

World's Hardest Puzzles
Impossible-to-solve April Fool's & everyday joke word search puzzles. Printable fun for everyone!

Funny Fake Fortune Cookie Messages
See some dunmire-inspired fortune cookie fortunes in Chris's generator.

Mirecle33 Creativity Patch
Instant inspiration infusion! Print the free creativity patch for instant creative gratification.

Free printable creativity-inspiring tea packets to help you brew creative ideas.

Amboy City Park Tree Sculptures
Story and online sculpture exhibit.

Rockford Peaches Exhibit
The real all-women's baseball team as feature in the movie "A League of Their Own."

Free Book: Meditation Mandalas: Nature Inspired Geometry
Enjoy this book for inspiration, contemplation, and a reminder to cherish your unique creative gifts.

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