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"Chris Dunmire is an effervescent creative force. Her irreverent style captures and delights me, her expansive creative applications thrill me. Chris's words and art are full of humor, depth, and play. She is an uncommon inventor."
ó Bestselling Author SARK,

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April Fool's Joke Puzzles
When I put up my joke Animals Puzzle #12 on my Website in 2005, it was an instant, hilarious hit! Due to popular demand for my printable puzzles, Iíve designed this special bundle of six puzzles that can be printed over and over quickly and cheaply. WARNING: Use puzzles at your own risk! Happy April Foolís Day!

You Can Draw Cartoony Things!You Can Draw Cartoony Things!
I believe that everyone is creative. So why did I tag this book EZ Lessons for the Uncreative? I reveal that in the book. This simple coaching tool encourages creativity and contains the core lessons from the original 2008 book. Also available as a read-only version for Amazon Kindle.


A Light Bulb Moment on Edison's Creative Genius
Thomas Edison broke a lot of light bulbs trying to figure things out. But he didn't have the Internet, either. Can you imagine what he'd invent today if he could Google stuff? What he'd teach others as an anonymous Wikipedia editor? How much he might collaborate with open minds all over the world through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook?

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