Ant Farm

Chris Dunmire engages creatively through art, writing, and humor and is the driving force behind the award-winning Creativity Portal Web community. She is a certified creativity coach, experienced in both linear and non-linear modes of coaching through training with Eric Maisel, PhD, (Meaning) and Jill Badonsky, MEd, (Kaizen-Muse™).

Chris thrives in communication design and has self-published several books, including the origami-based Dollar Bill Folding Fun! Money Plant, and "World's Hardest" April Fool's Joke Puzzles, adored by parents and teachers worldwide.

Chris's work has also appeared in the Montgomery County Sentinel, Indiana Journal Courier, Cincinnati Post, Writer's Digest, Northwest Quarterly, Money by Sandra and Harry Choron, and Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper by SARK.

Chris's novelty graphic design piece, the Mirecle Creativity Patch, was commissioned by the Denver Art Museum in Colorado to celebrate the launch of their "Life Meets Art" program.

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