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Journal & Courier Uses '10 Steps to Sidewalk Chalk Art' Tips in Sunday Newspaper Life Article

Journal & Courier Newspaper September 21, 2008

Calling All Chalk Artists November-14-2008
Chris Dunmire's Sidewalk Chalk Art Tips Published
In September I was contacted by Taya Flores from the Journal & Courier in Lafayette, Indiana, about the chalk art tips appearing in my online article How to Play Creatively with Sidewalk Chalk Art! published on the Creativity Portal Web site.

Taya expressed interest in my article and told me she was doing a story on a local sidewalk festival. Someone had found my tips online and passed them along to her, so she was confirming their source and requesting permission to use them as a sidebar in her article.

"Sure, Taya, on one condition, I responded with a flattered catch. "That you send me a printed copy of the article once it's published!" And so she did — the article with my sidewalk chalk art tips were published in the Sunday edition of the Journal & Courier newspaper on the front page of the Life section (D) in an article titled "Calling all chalk artists: First Baptist Church plans Sidewalk Chalk Festival this week." Here's a link to the online version, although I suspect eventually the link will go defunct, as they usually do with most online newspaper articles.

Here's the excerpted tips enlarged:

Chris's Helpful Chalk Art Tips

Thank you Taya — for an artful opportunity to be recognized and for asking permission to use my tips. I'm truly flattered! Well, I guess that's another published creative idea I can chalk up to experience. And just in case you're interested, these tips were the postcursor to my humor article, 7 Sidewalk Chalk Art Tips for Creatively Inhibited Adults.•

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