Bonus Creativity PatchChris Dunmire engages creatively through art, writing, and humor and is the driving force behind the award-winning Creativity Portal Web site, a collaborative community of artists, writers, and coaches founded in 2000. She is a certified creativity coach, having trained with "America's Foremost Creativity Coach" Eric Maisel, PhD, and Kaizen-Muse™ founder Jill Badonsky, MEd.

Her printable books include the famous origami Dollar Bill Folding Fun! Money Plant, and "World's Hardest" April Fool's Joke Puzzles, both a delight to creatives worldwide. Her work has appeared in Writer's Digest, Northwest Quarterly, "Money" by Sandra and Harry Choron, and "Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper" by SARK.

The Denver Art Museum in Colorado, USA, commissioned Chris' Mirecle33 Creativity Patch as a promotional giveaway in their 2007 Life Meets Art program.

What people say about Chris:

"Chris Dunmire is an effervescent creative force. Her irreverent style captures and delights me, her expansive creative applications thrill me. Chris's words and art are full of humor, depth, and play. She is an uncommon inventor." —SARK, Planet Sark

"It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Chris. She is an intuitive and expert interviewer. Her research into the theater 'beyond the curtain,' is unprecedented." —Mark Jansen, Vice President, Winneshiek Board of Directors, Winneshiek Players

"Creativity Portal was a relief to find! It was truly a portal to a community where being inventive, innovative and imaginative was considered the norm. Finding this community meant the world to me. ...CP was a major discovery on my path to becoming a creativity coach. Thanks, Chris, for being such an inspiration!" —Quinn McDonald, Quinn Creative

"Chris is, no surprise, extremely creative. She consistently offers innovative art programming, primarily for our younger students. In addition to art workshops we schedule with her, we have also offered several programs for Girls Scouts that she has presented in our art studio. I have heard them say that her fun programs are the best. She even takes them outside to explore our beautiful gardens, woods and Labyrinth. Thanks Chris!" —Gale Kettler, Program Coordinator, Womanspace Rockford

"Chris is an amazing creator, a mentor, a leader, an inspiration. If you work with her, thank your lucky stars. Then find some more stars to wish on, and wish for the opportunity to work with her again." —Dave Duggins, Consultant/Creativity Coach, Silvern Studios