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Animal Art Tips:

Do no harm.
Always use non-toxic art materials with your animals and be sure to thoroughly clean their paws, tails, and other body parts when your creative session is finished.

Show appreciation.
Your pet has expended considerable energy working with you creating their art. Be sure to reward them with appropriate treats, pats, and encouraging words during and after the session.

Don't overdo it.
It can be exciting to watch your pet indulge their creativity, but be sure to take regular breaks from working and stay on schedule with your starting and ending time. Pets will keep creatively inspired by not being overworked.

Art Rat: The Book by Chris Dunmire
Download FREE Book Excerpt


By Chris Dunmire

As a nature and animal lover, it has not escaped my notice that humans are not the only beings endowed with the power of creativity. One only need to briefly observe the spider spinning a Web, the bee harvesting honey, and the oyster producing pearls to know that animals have the innate intention to create for survival and comfort.

But one might wonder: is every creative manifestation in the animal kingdom instinctive? Or are there circumstances in which an animal would willingly engage in creative behavior out of free will? As a creativity coach and animal caretaker, this was one question I had to know the answer to.

After intensive investigation into this subject, I am now ready to share my findings with the creative public through my latest book, ART RAT: The Rodent Artist.


Art Rat: The Book

The Rodent Artist by Chris Dunmire

If cats and maggots can paint, why can't rats create art too? That's the question I asked myself one day while eyeing my pet rat, Chewy Lewy, as he gnawed away on a cedar wood stick.

It wasn't a moment later that I began observing his careful chewing patterns in the wood and wondered if it was possible that a rat might possess some creative nature within. The creativity coach in me was intrigued.

There was only one way to find out, so I immediately began experimenting with Chewy Lewy in a very PETA-friendly sort of way. We began to spend 30 minutes together three times a week in pursuit of finding out if he was capable of creative expression. What did his free will dictate in his mousy little world? That's what my new book ART RAT: the Rodent Artist is all about. It's a chronicle of Chewy Lewy's creative expression as an artistic rat, facilitated by me, Chris Dunmire, his caretaker and creativity coach.


Art Rat Painting Gallery

Here are several of Chewy Lewy's art pieces, watercolor paintings, which I have written about in the book. A limited number of prints are available for sale to help support our continuing creative work together.

Painting 2

"Ecstasy of Cheese"

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Painting 3

"Moonlight from the Dump"

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Painting 6

"A Friend I Used to Know"

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