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Nit Wits Comic #16: Meat Turkey Tom

Nit Wits #16: Meat Turkey Tom © 2004 Chris Dunmire

Nit Wits #16: Meat Turkey Tom
Hamburger Helper's Off-season Job by Chris Dunmire

Thankful Four Turkey

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November brings forth Thanksgiving — the month when hamburger is OUT, and turkey is IN. What's a poor advertising mascot to do during the off season to keep paying his soft-squeezy bills? Moonlight, of course! But incognito so that the Hamburger Helper people won't be the more wiser.

So when's the last time you traced your hand and made a turkey? Horsefeathers! You're never too old for such fun!

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That thar's a turkey costume...

I drew this comic in the fall one year and totally cracked myself up doing it. For one, I got to draw that lil' hand guy with the nose you just want to squeeze. And two, the play on the 'hand tracing turkey' thing just *so* makes me laugh. Do you get it? That little hand dude has no commercial work during all of the end-of-year turkey holidays, so he takes a side job getting inside of a turkey costume to greet all the shoppers (he's putting it on in the comic). See the turkey sign in the background... the fingers... get it? Oh, I'm just so funny, aren't I? <giggles to self>

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