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"People are attracted to your inventive and intuitive mind."

Fortune Cookie Messages: Timely Notes from the Universe

I generally have two response modes to fortune cookie messages: 1) Meh, and 2) Yay! Either they fit or they don't. (Or do they?) And I just love finding ones with funny typos like the one below. Oh what irony!

"A liar is not believed even if hells the truth."
"A liar is not believed even if hells the truth."
(should be: "even if he tells the truth.")

Last week I received a fortune cookie message that read, "People are attracted to your inventive and intuitive mind." That was definitely a "Yay!" one. And before my doubtful wonderings took me too far I remembered how years ago when I decided to make meaning in my life as a creativity enthusiast I took a risk that many others wouldn't. I left a comfortable corporate job and took a plunge into the unknown. I listened to my intuition and followed my bliss, not knowing where it would lead me. Six years later I have no doubt that it was the right decision for me.

And the inventive part? Well, plunging into the unknown for me was the awakening moment of realizing that anything is possible — life is a series of decisions followed by actions... or not. When we honestly and earnestly work towards the life that we want, how can it not happen? It may not always happen fast, but it will happen.

We invent and reinvent ourselves in every moment we are conscious of what's inside and outside of us. We constantly adapt and change to our environments and continually process new information through our senses. We have the endless capacity to learn and grow. And then there is the inventive part of us that gives into artistic, innovative, and spiritual expression. We are gifted with the intelligence and ability to tap into these parts of us whenever we please. We are creative beings and creative doings. This is the joy in living.

Even if the sole purpose of fortune cookie messages is to make us stop and reflect on the richness of life or on the wonderful possibilities that await us at the other end of a plunge into the unknown, they make timely notes from the universe. Perhaps the ones that don't fit on a given day may become relevant later. And what about the absurd or typo ones? Their purpose is to humor us, gently reminding us that laughter is always good for the soul. Even if hells the truth.

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