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A Praying Mantis at My Front Door

Praying Mantis

What did she see in me?

Tuesday morning I opened my front door and found this little critter praying someone would answer. My curiosity was care-fully engaged as I looked this little work of art over, and I was shocked when she swiveled her head towards me when I got too close!

Praying Mantis close up

You don't always know when an insect is looking you over — this time it was undeniable. There was something extremely personal in that moment's exchange and I wondered if I was being viewed in kaleidoscope-vision. Was the Praying mantis seeing multiples of me? (Learn the cool scientific stuff about the Mantis in this Wikipedia article.)

Must be praying for time...

Nevertheless, this bug's visit was a wonder-filled treat, and I made sure to share my excitement with everyone within sight. Later in the day when I went out to water my plants, she was still there! So I ran next door and rang my neighbor's doorbell to show her kids. She swiveled her head at them too!

Praying mantis body close up. Artful, isn't it?

Little unexpected gifts of nature like this make my day, and I'm so pleased when I have a camera handy. Are you a photo bug too? Angela Hook just wrote a really fun photography article for the Creativity Portal that you'll enjoy: A New Look at Photography. My last picture here was inspired by it.

Happy September! •

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