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Cheryl Finley's Creative Courage & Mandala Oasis March-28-2009


Cheryl Finley's Mandala Art "Courage" Published on March 2009 Cover of ImagiNews

Cheryl Finley's Mandala "Courage"
Published on March 2009 Cover of

Congratulations, Cheryl!

By Chris Dunmire

I'm utterly thrilled to congratulate my creative friend, Cheryl Finley, an artist, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Creativity/Life Coach who tends the Mandala Oasis at mandalaoasis.blogspot.com for having her mandala art discovered by the editor of ImagiNews, a quarterly world-wide publication from Imagery International, "The professional organization of Guided Imagery practitioners." Cheryl's mandala above, themed "Courage" is boldly published on the front cover of this month's issue!

I've known Cheryl for several years through the Creativity Portal and it's been such a pleasure watching her creativity grow and bloom in so many ways in the online creative community. When I see her "Courage" mandala explode with color, vibrancy, and energy on the cover of this publication, I know all too well that this joyful expression is only a reflective manifestation of the beauty, kindness, and loving creative spirit overflowing within the heart of my friend. I'm so happy that more people get to experience Cheryl and her art through this wonderful experience!

And that's not all... If you've been following Creativity Portal's 365 Pictures Prompts feature, you will see several of Cheryl's mandalas emerge in the coming months (see the schedule) along with her own beautiful through-provoking prompts — a true gift to our seeking readers that will keep on giving for years to come. Today I celebrate Cheryl's creative courage!

Create Your Own Mandalas

If you're attracted to the idea of mandala making or are the least bit curious about creating spiritual art, I highly recommend visiting Cheryl's Mandala Oasis and checking out her easy Create Your Own Mandalas project. You may even want to inquire about the online Mandala Oasis Yahoo! Community Cheryl founded and moderates. You'll be in good company.

Once again, congratulations, my creative friend! •

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