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2011 Blogs and Essays by Chris Dunmire

A Penny for My Thoughts
How much is freedom worth?

The Tom Evans / Bob Evans Sausage Link
Assuaging the ‘Sausage King’ Rumor.

Natalie Goldberg Interview & Book Giveaway
Thunder and Lightning, Long Quiet Highway at Creativity Portal.

Alexander Calder: My Mobile Hero
Alexander Calder was truly one of a kind.

Kindred: A Poetic Reflection
On personal growth.

Jumping through Hoops
Scoring the "Adult" Label

The Road Back to Yourself with Joan Anderson
Attending the Womanspace 2011 Spring Benefit in Rockford, Illinois

Playing with 'The Incredible Edible Easter Egg Designer'
A quick how-to tutorial on making your own decorated Easter egg-sterpieces (usual egg puns included).

39 Tulips
Happy Birthday, Spring Nestling!

Doodling: Attention Deficit Disorder or Surplus Reorder?
Does doodling have any merit as an art form or learning tool? (Parts 1 & 2 originally published on in 2010 until the Internet ethers went all 404 pixel dust on it.)

Guided Imageries for Creative Success
Printable GI's for creativity self-coaching.

On Jennifer Lee's 'The Right-Brain Business Plan'
A Creative, Visual Map for Success.

Naomi Rose's Challenge to Write Long(er) Sentences
My writing mentor and her fun, creative writing challenge.

Why I Love Child Art & Call for Child Art Submissions
For Creativity Portal's digital Child Art Collection.

Natalie Goldberg Interviewed on Creativity Portal
Celebrating 25 Years of "Writing Down the Bones."

Sailing Through Blank Canvas Gridlock
A Lesson in Reality: Creativity Blocks & Unfinished Business

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