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Jimmy Durante Strawberry

Why I Love April Fool's Day

And the Jimmy Durante Strawberry Follow-up

By Chris Dunmire

Hopefully by now you realize that I didn't make $17,000 on eBay by auctioning off a reincarnated Jimmy Durante strawberry (secret: I haven't been an active participant on eBay since 1998). But with the recent attention given to a $28,000 Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich and other high-priced novelties like haunted paintings and walking sticks, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to craft this April Fool's Day joke.

Everything in the Jimmy Durante strawberry story was a work of creative fiction, EXCEPT the strawberry. I did in fact find the uniquely-shaped fruit mixed in with a quart of other strawberries bought at the store. The funny thing is when I picked it up to clean it off, the 'Hotch-cha-cha-cha-cha’ nose of Jimmy Durante immediately came to mind. Oh, and yes, I have been watching Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons on the Boomerang channel.

It's kinda cool to see how an idea comes to fruition, eh?

The strawberry said to be the reincarnation of musician Jimmy Durante

April Fool's Day Fun

Now, this is why I really like April Fool's Day. It's one day out of the year when humorous shenanigans are sanctioned. With a background in practical joking, I love to watch how the events of the day play out when people are in good humor and play nice.

What I don't do is mess with other people's stuff — such as computers and other gadgetry. To me there's a fine line between light-hearted practical joking and heart attack-inducing pranks that go too far and cause great inconvenience. There are a ton of software-related jokes and programs you can download from the Internet to screw with other people's computers, but I generally veer from those. With the onslaught of computer viruses, Thiefware, and Spyware, I'm extremely cautious about what I download from the Net to install on my or someone else's computer. For that reason the April Fool's Resources page on the Creativity Portal doesn't include computer software pranks.

World's Hardest Puzzles by Chris DunmireCreative Gags

Some of the tried-and-true April Fool's Day jokes are a blast, but I really do enjoy innovative gags. This was my motivation in creating the set of printable World's Hardest Puzzles on this site. The authentic-looking word search and crossword puzzles are perfect for work or classroom April Fool's Day fun, and are easily downloaded in a PDF format. One technology company liked the gag so much that they asked permission to reprint one puzzle in their company newsletter.

I also enjoy Web sites that get into the spirit of April Fool's Day fun. I did this one time with several years back by transforming the home page into a site about trees and dubbing it the "Treeativity Portal". Since then I've stuck to creating printable gags instead of spoofing my sites because they've gotten so large it's an unmanageable task!

More Fool's Fun

Besides my $17,000 Jimmy Durante strawberry story, here's a few more April Fool's Day gags that played across the Web on April 1, 2005:

Google Gulp
Google Gulp is a beverage that helps "Quench your thirst for knowledge." Available in four great flavors: Glutamate Grape, Sugar-Free Radical, Beta Carroty, and Sero-Tonic Water.

Discovery of Water on Mars
NASA's featured Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Information Does Not Exist
Article from ScienceDirect — Journal of Knowledge Research.

Bill Clinton to Join Chicago as Billy Flynn
Article from

Fundue — Desktop USB Fondue Set
New electronic gadget offering from ThinkGeek.

European Toilet Paper Holder
Informative article from

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