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The Day My Creative Life Began (Again)

Thank you, Sheila Glazov for planting your creatreevity seeds.

About six months before I decided to leave my corporate job to pursue a creative path, the company I worked for was running a week-long schedule of lunchtime presentations geared towards professional growth. The workshops were open to company employees at all levels, so when I learned about the events I scheduled in as many as I could.

Three in particular caught my eye: How to Create a Professional Portfolio, The Advantages of Networking, and Maximizing Your Organization’s Potential. Actually, the official name of the last one was titled “What Color Is Your Brain?”

All of the presentations were informative and worthwhile. But the third one, Sheila Glazov’s signature program “What Color Is Your Brain?” was most inspiring and impacting on me. Though it was nearly five years ago, I still remember walking into the conference room and seeing a vibrantly-dressed redhead front and center among a table full of toys and other “fun looking” things. An unmistakable lime-green Kermit the Frog sat tall among it all. I smiled to myself knowing we were about to have some fun. And we did.

Straight from her Web sites' Meet Sheila page:

Sheila Glazov, SP, is the managing member of Visioneer® LLC and has more than 30 years experience in business and education. She is an award-winning author, inspirational educator, creativity expert, and professional speaker.

The program I attended was:

Boost Your Brain Power…Discover Your Brain Color!

Maximize your organization's potential to succeed by learning What Color Is Your Brain?® for greater overall success at work and in life! Featured on NBC, ABC & CNN.

Sheila was an amazing speaker and completely enthusiastic about her work. She led our group through her fun brain color test and talked on many topics including creativity. She left us all with more insight into our own thinking / behavior patterns with new colorful language to describe our unique traits (for instance, she kept referring to herself as "orange").

If I have to choose a point in time when my dormant creativity was tapped on the shoulder and reawakened, I would say that immediately after Sheila Glazov’s corporate presentation my thinking (and life) began to shift. 'All things' suddenly became more possible — even outside of corporate cubical walls.

I’m extremely grateful towards Sheila for the creativity “seeds” she planted in me during that seminar. I never realized how much one hour could impact a life on such a profound level until I started looking backwards from where my life is today and thinking "That lunchtime workshop was a definite turning point for me."

I’m also thankful to the company for bringing in such a talented speaker to inspire and motivate its employees. How ironic that the wave of inspiration I caught during that workshop eventually ushered me right out their front door! •

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