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Dr. Maisel's Creativity Coach Training

Completing Eric Maisel's Creativity Coaching Course
Posted Feb-19-2006
Creativity Coach Training... Check!
I walked out to my rural mailbox and opened its hinged door as usual. As I reached inside to pull out the day's mail, I noticed a big yellow envelope sitting on top of a rolled up mass of slick ads from local retailers. Noticing the words "First Class, Do Not Bend" written across the front, I immediately knew what it was.

My "Certificate of Completion" from the Creativity Coach Training I recently finished with Eric Maisel, Ph.D. had arrived. I don't know why moments like this are so exciting — it was as if the culmination of 16-weeks of training and working in tandem with productive, creative clients was symbolically encapsulated onto a piece of paper inside a big yellow envelope addressed to me. Opening such envelopes is always a rewarding ritual.

When people say that "a piece of paper doesn't mean anything," I wonder if they ever think about the emotional, mental, or spiritual investment they made of themselves prior to, and in order for that mere piece of paper to be generated. Marriage. College. Training.

Surely that is key. What we value and invest ourselves into always holds some meaning for us. Doesn't it?

"for successful completion of Eric Maisel's Creativity Coaching Training Granted February 6, 2006"

The piece paper just reminds us of that fact.

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