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Cartoony Lessons
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You Can Draw Cartoony Things! by Chris Dunmire

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You Can Draw Cartoony Things! by Chris Dunmire

Freeasy Cartoony Lessons:
How to Draw Nit-witty Things!

Cartoony Comic Art Fun for Everyone!

By Chris Dunmire, Author

Can't draw your way out a paper bag? Me too! Well, at least I used to be that way until I invented my own comic in 2002 named Nit Wits to give me a fun place to play with and practice my creative drawing skills.

If you're new to the world of drawing, using a simple cartoon-style approach of rendering is one way to teach yourself how to draw by focusing on the essence of a subject. My Nit Witty drawing lessons use line, shape, and other basic elements to form fun objects that are a joy to draw.

Come join me as I share my learnin' how to draw discoveries through these cartoony drawing lessons that will encourage your creativity. These lessons are designed to be motivating and fun. There's no one right way of doing them; if your drawing looks different from mine, that's good! Why? Because each of us has a unique way of interpreting the world and expressing ourselves. You don't want to become a creative copycat. Discover your own style and celebrate your unique way of expressing yourself.

You Can Draw Cartoony Things! by Chris Dunmire

Lessons from You Can Draw Cartoony Things!

Mirror Lesson 1: How to Draw a Cartoony Mirror
This was my first attempt at mirroring an image from a looking glass point of view.

Cereal Lesson 2: How to Draw Fruity Cartoony Cereal
A fun thing you can try with this lesson is a see-through layered effect.

CarrotLesson 3: How to Draw a Cartoony Carrot
Veer from structured geometric shapes to looser organic shapes by drawing some carrots plucked fresh from the garden.

Blue Jeans Lesson 4: How to Draw Cartoony Blue Jeans
Classic blue jeans never go out of style. Learn how to draw a pair of dungarees straight on the rectangular way.

Golf Tee Lesson 5: How to Draw a Cartoony Golf Tee
Golf ball tees also make use of the mirroring technique and are perfect for adding character eyes and mouths to.

Tea Cup Lesson 6: How to Draw a Cartoony Tea Cup
Learn about the nifty symmetry-making technique called mirroring in my cartoony tea cup lesson.

Leafy Plant Lesson 7: How to Draw a Cartoony Plant
Learn how repetitive shapes like plant leaves can be used to the artist's advantage.

Bandage StripLesson 8: How to Draw a Cartoony Bandage Strip
Simple square and circle shapes were used in the production of this bandage strip. Got a boo-boo? Cover it with one of these!

Ant Lesson 9: How to Draw a Cartoony Ant
Cartoony ants are easy to draw if you see them as simple lines and shapes, as I did in Nit Wits #17 ("Antagonizing Ants").

Night StandLesson 10: How to Draw a Cartoony Nightstand
Here's a classic example of combining simple shapes into bigger, more complex items.

PumpkinLesson 11: How to Draw a Cartoony Pumpkin
Simple shapes and orange gourd food fun. Perfect for the fall harvest and Halloween. Draw yourself a pumpkin, I say!

ShamrockLesson 12: How to Draw a Cartoony Shamrock Clover
The three heart method. You'll LOVE it! Perfect for St. Patrick's day on March 17.

ChickenLesson 13: How to Draw a Cartoony Chicken Hen
Don't be chicken when it comes to creative drawing fun! Loosen up and play with free-flowing contour lines.

Lesson 14: How to Draw a Cartoony Sail Boat (Coming soon!)

Lesson 15: How to Draw a Cartoony Snowman (Coming soon!)

Lesson 16: How to Draw a Cartoony Cow Head (Coming soon!)

More Nit-Witty Cartoony Lessons

PopcornLesson 17: How to Draw Fluffy Cartoony Popcorn
Printable cartoony art lesson featuring template learning technique! Based on Nit Wits #45: Unicorn.

© 2005, 2012 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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© 2005- Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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