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How to Draw a Cartoony Golf Ball Tee

Nit Wits #8: Tee Time

Fore! Drawing a cartoony golf ball tee uses the same symmetry-making technique as the tea cup: mirroring. In Nit Wits #8 ("Tee Time") I drew one side of the tee shaft and then mirrored (flipped) it to the other side. The result: a tee of equal symmetry. (Hey, that rhymes!) Give your tee character by adding big googly eyes and a mouth.

IMPORTANT: After you draw the outline of your tee, color it in with a bright orange, yellow, red, or blue so that golfers can easily see it and avoid accidentally sitting on it. You know what will happen if one sits on it, don't you? They'll end up getting a HOLE IN ONE of their pants. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Draw your own golfball tee by following my step-by-step drawing lesson below.

Free Cartoony Lesson #5: How to Draw a Golf Ball Tee


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