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Crunchy Creations: How to Make a Googly-Eyed Peanut Pet


Peanut Pets were Featured in the
Montgomery County Sentinel (03/23/06)

How to Make Your Very Own Peanut Pets™
Posted Oct-22-2005
I can't help it. This is how my brain works. I'll be eating peanuts, for example, and come across one shaped like the body of some poor, legless animal. I'll pause for few moments and think: "Ya know, with some googly eyes, I can turn this peanut into a real-life entity."

So I'll grab my bag of googly eyes, a piece of craft wire, and some glue, and another corny idea is born! I present the very first in a line of Peanut Pets™ I will go on to mass produce and market.* But why you ask? Because I'm NUTS!

I bet you never gave much thought to the power of googly eyes, did you? I mean, you can stick them on anything and instantly animate an object. Try sticking some on a fork and realize the new tender feelings you have towards it.Yes, you can become your very own googly eye god!

Okay, enough of that. Let's get to the project.

10 Steps to the Peanut Pet™

You'll Need:

  • Assorted googly eyes
  • A piece of craft wire
  • Glue
  • One or more "legless animal" peanuts


  1. Grab a bowl of peanuts (the in-the-shell kind).

  2. As you eat your peanuts one by one, keep your eyes open for the unusual-shaped ones with the bonus nuts inside. When you find one with a "legless animal" shape (head and body), put it aside.

  3. Finish eating your bowl of peanuts.

  4. Take your animal peanut and glue two (or more) googly eyes onto the head.

  5. Make a stand for your poor legless pet: Twist the craft wire loosely around the peanut and form a free-standing base. Yeah, this is the tricky part, but I can't tell you how to do everything!

  6. Name your pet.

  7. Pet your pet.

  8. Take your pet for walks (that is, YOU do the walking!).

  9. Don't feed or water your pet.

  10. Most Important: If people love your pet, tell them Chris Dunmire taught you how to make it. But if they think it's a waste of a perfectly delicious peanut, tell them you don't know where on earth you got the idea to do such a foolish thing.

* Not anytime soon.

Peanut Pets make the paper!

Peanut Pets Appear in Newsprint Posted March-28-2006
Published in the Montgomery County Sentinel (03/23/06)
On March 23, 2006, my Nutty Peanut Pets project appeared in the "April Fool's" issue of the Learning Links section of the Maryland Montgomery County Sentinel newspaper. ...

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