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Self-Mailing Ant Valentine's Day Card
Posted Feb-12-2007

Chris Dunmire's Ant Valentine Day Card

Sweet Ant Valentine's Day Card

By Chris Dunmire

Is the thought of buying the perfect Valentine's Day Card for your sweetie bugging you this year? Do you keep ANTicipating the same ol' greetings on the card rack: red hearts, "I Love You's", and sensual scripty messages? Are you ready for something more insectingly CREATIVE?

If so, here's the perfect solution for making this year's Valentine Day Card unusual and fun: Print my free "Anticipating Your Sweetness on February 14..." Valentine's Day Card AND have some anticly creative fun preparing it for your recipient. Yes, Dunmire Labs has done it again by engineering a self-mailing (or easy hand-out) Valentine's Day card for you to print and prepare at home — and perfect for giving away at school, the office, and around your circle of friends!

Print the Ant Valentine's Day Card
Download Ant Valentine's Day Card

Ant Valentine's Day Card How-to Guide

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • 1 Printed
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Paper Cutter, Envelope, Rubber Cement

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Print Ant Valentine's Day card on colored card stock (recommended for self-mailer) or decorative scrapbooking paper (white on one side).

    (COOL TIP: Scrapbooking paper with bright colors and fun patterns on one side give my card an awesome effect on the flap fold-down and back of card (see picture at top of page). When using scrapbooking paper, simply print my card design on the white side of the page.

  2. Cut out card with paper cutter and scissors.

  3. Fold heart flap down flush with top of card.

  4. Add a personal message to the card, sign your name, and give to your recipient. (Note: if you're giving the card out by hand, you may or may not want to dab a small dot of rubber cement under the flap to hold it down. The advantage of rubber cement over ordinary craft glue is that it will give cleanly when your recipient opens the flap.)

Remember: The unique design of the Ant Valentine's Day card allows it to function as:

1) a hand-out Valentine with or without an envelope, or

2) a self-mailing surprise Valentine (no envelope) if printed on card stock, glued closed, addressed, and stamped.

Well, what are you waiting for? Don't you have some Valentine's Day cards to make? Happy creating! •


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