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World's Hardest Puzzles

Humorous April Fool's & Everyday Joke Fun

Impossible-to-Solve Gag Word Search Puzzles!

A favorite creative gag for teachers and parents! 100% fun guaranteed!

By Chris Dunmire, CEO DUNMIRE LABS

Want to play the funniest, most creative and harmless joke ever? Give one of these word-find puzzles to your ‘smart’ friends or children and then sit back and watch them try to find the words in the letter grid. They can't. It's impossible! —Chris Dunmire, Jokester

Since 2005 hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers, and others creative pranksters have enjoyed downloading and printing my Animals Puzzle #12 April Fool's Day prank puzzle to stump clever kids and adults at home and in the classroom (it's #3 in this book). Now you can too, and for just 99 cents, you'll get a hilarious assortment of my reprintable gag puzzles to use over and over and over again!

Get the entire puzzle bundle below. This instant download features 5 reprintable puzzle designs in both color and black & white (great for copiers), with a total of 10 fun puzzle designs. Download and start pranking with them right now. Hit the "buy now" button below to complete the transaction.

World's Hardest Puzzles

Click the Buy Now button below to purchase through PayPal and receive automatic download link.

World’s Hardest April Fool's Day
Joke Word Search Puzzles
by Chris Dunmire
ISBN 0-9843058-5-8
15 Pages | reg. $3.99
ON SALE! 99¢

Included in this reprintable bundle of find-a-word puzzles (use them over and over for years to come) are my classic Animals #12 and Vegetables #19 find-a-word puzzles, plus BRAND NEW puzzle designs never seen before:

  1. (2) Artist Word Search Puzzle #3
  2. (2) Fairy Tale Word Search Puzzle #7
  3. (2) Animals Word Search Puzzle #12
  4. (2) Cut-Up Word Search Puzzle #14
  5. (2) Vegetables Word Search Puzzle #19

© 2005-2014 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

Updated 8/6/14

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© 2005- Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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