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The Best April Fool's Day Jokes for Teachers!

Impossible-to-Solve Joke Word Search Puzzles!

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Joke set up: My word search puzzles appear to be real. They are not. The words on the “find” list are absent from the letter grid, like a second-grader with chicken pox. “Clever and fun!” —Mrs Wright

Want to play one of the most funniest and harmless jokes ever in your classroom? This year give one of my fake word-find puzzles to your smart students and then sit back to watch the fun unfold. Eager to find the words (words that are not there), your puzzle-loving enthusiasts will soon realize they've been duped and will immediately begin plotting their April Fool's revenge!

World's Hardest Puzzles History

“More, please!” —Oliver T

PuzzlesIn 2005, I created my first puzzle in the series (Animals Puzzle #12) and it became an instant, hilarious hit! Parents and teachers shared links to my site on social media and sent me notes asking for more, so I designed an entire series. These precious puzzles are for the tens of thousands of teachers, parents, college professors, and pranksters who come back to my site every April 1 looking for more. Oh, and for the wonderful children!


My special book bundle features 6 hilarious, printable puzzles designed in black ink for quick and easy printing. Reprintable means that you can print a bunch for your classroom this year and next year, too! My license gives buyers endless printing freedom, so please support the artist (me) by purchasing your own copy. I promise that you'll have fun with these puzzles on April Fool's Day for the rest of your teaching career.

Novelty Book Contents

“Your puzzles stink!” —Timmy, 4th grader

My Word Search Series digital ebook is designed for high-quality black ink printing on standard, letter-sized (8.5x11") paper. The joke puzzles are a special hit on April Fool's Day, but can be used year-round for perpetual pranking by teachers, parents, classmates, other humans, and cats. Creativity leaders: Use my puzzles in your classes and workshops to break the ice. This brilliant series features:

  • Animals Puzzle #12
  • Artist Puzzle #3
  • Beverages Puzzle #26
  • Cut-Up Puzzle #14
  • Fairy Tales Puzzle #7
  • Vegetables Puzzle #19

Buy and download my prank puzzles now and get my bonus FREE Mirecle Creativity Patch! Simply use the Paypal button in the Download Now! section to complete the transaction and receive your download links to immediatly print the puzzles and patch and start having fun.

Oh, and don't forget to put on your running shoes — the kids will spend the rest of the week getting you back! Happy April Fool's Day! — Chris Dunmire, April FooLOLogist

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April Fool's Joke Word Search Puzzles
April Fool's Joke Puzzles
Word Search Series
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