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Chris' Best April Fool's Joke Word Search Puzzles!

The AWESOMEST April Fool's Day Gag for Teachers! (New, 2015 PDF Format)

Play the funniest, most creative, harmless joke ever! Give one of my joke word-find puzzles to your ‘smart’ friends or children and sit back and watch them try to find the words in the letter grid. They can't. By design they're impossible to solve!

World's Hardest Puzzles History

PuzzlesIn 2005, as soon as I put up my printable Animals Puzzle #12 for download on, it became an instant, hilarious hit! Since then tens of thousands of teachers, parents, PhDís, and other pranksters have used my puzzles for endless April Foolís Day fun.

Due to popular demand for my puzzles, Iíve designed this special bundle of six reprintable puzzles (PDF format) that can be printed quickly and cheaply with just black ink.

Enjoy the puzzles, and donít forget to put on your running shoes! Happy April Foolís Day! ~Chris Dunmire, April Fooler

Book Contents

This PDF e-book contains a special bundle of 6 reprintable, fake, impossible-to-solve, black and white gag puzzles for easy printing on standard sized paper. These joke puzzles can be used any day of the year, but are especially fun to use on April Foolís Day, April 1. They are (in alphabetical order):

• Animals Puzzle #12
• Artist Puzzle #3
• Beverages Puzzle #26
• Cut-Up Puzzle #14
• Fairy Tales Puzzle #7
• Vegetables Puzzle #19

Buy and download this bundle of puzzles now and have them in time for April Fool's Day! Simply use the Paypal button to the right to complete the transaction and you will immediately receive a download link for the book. Enjoy and have fun!

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