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Free Winter Printables

Fun 'n Free Printable Wintery Christmas Gift Tags
My Gift to You
I first knew that I had an interest in graphic design back in 1995, when I found a copy of Microsoft Publisher on our new computer. "So this is how things are laid out in magazines and newspapers." I thought to myself. A picture box here, a text container there, "This is cool!"

After months of toying with the program and learning a few things about fonts and clipart, I began publishing a short-lived newsletter for a kid's club I started. I even finagled myself into the local newspaper over this new venture of mine and thought I was really on my way!

Oh, the short-lived part...

Well, I learned a great lesson in that venture. I'm not saying that it failed, but I envisioned something much bigger than I could possibly do on my own with the limited resources I had at the time. Someday I hope to pick up where I left off, because the amount of interest and support I received was astounding. Not to mention, it was a great learning experience for me and just what I needed to decide to go back to school and study graphic design for real.

And study I did! I could carry on a conversation or 10 about typography, color theory, type design, page layout, leading, kerning, drop caps, the history of design and printing, advertising design, and 10 billion other topics that I learned about and practice all the time now — without the likes of Microsoft Publisher. •

Comfort Queen Jennifer Louden November-22-2003
Author of Many Comforting Women's Books

Over the last few years several successful authors have taken an interest in the going-on's of the Creativity Portal. A few of them complimented the site and took the initiative to generously share information about their books and other projects that would appeal to our visitors. Among these wondrous writers were Suzanne Falter-Barnes, Susan M. Brackney, and Roberta Allen.

The most recent interest came from Jennifer Louden, author of a series of self-help "comfort" books and the driving force behind the Comfort Queen Web site:

"Jennifer Louden is a best selling writer, creativity mentor and creator of learning events and retreats. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, including Oprah. ... She mentors creative people all over the world." — Comfort Secrets For Busy Women Press Release

Jennifer found the Creativity Portal a worthy place to add to her resource list and sent me a copy of her latest book, "Comfort Secrets for Busy Women." It's a beautiful book, by the way, and after reading through a small portion of it, I'm hooked! •

Why Cat's Paint (Click for the meownswer)

Why Cats Paint November-15-2003
A Theory of Feline Aesthetics
After visiting this site "Why Cat's Paint" site I'm certain that my tortoise-shell calico kitty has an artist just meowing to get out. After all, not only is she a tempurra-mental cat, she's a walking canvas herself with a pure white base coat and Mapkittyhodgepodge of color and shapes splattered about. I sometimes call her "map kitty" because her fur decor reminds me of the continents floating on top of the globe I have sitting on my shelf.

Oh, back to that cat painting thing...

Tongue-in-cheek as it is, it sure gives you paws for thought when you look through the Cats Work Exhibition. Quite ameowsing too!

Now, before you start eyeing Snowflake's bristly paws, be sure to read the FAQs about cat painting — or you'll surely end up with finely shredded scratch art. Here's a snippet from the third one down:

How do I know if my cat will paint?

The best way of determining whether your cat has artistic ability is to carefully observe it in certain situations. For example, does it sit and contemplate the marks it makes in its litter tray? Are the marks curved or aesthetic in any way? Does it make marks on the wall with the fine litter left on its paws after using the litter tray?
meowre ...

And if you dig the gallery of cat art, be sure to check out What Bird Did That? and my own Art Rat Chronicles. •

Kid's Creativity

Inspiration Through the Eyes of a Child
Children Teach Creativity
I'm so inspired by the article Children Teach Creativity by Linda Nowicki. If you have the opportunity to step inside of an elementary school this season, please do. When inside, make it a point to enter the library or walk down the hallway of the first and second graders and take notice of what's hanging on the walls outside of the classrooms. You'll smell the paper and the glue.

Plus, you'll be so ever inspired by the free, uninhibited creativity these children express through simple construction paper, crayons, and glue. If your child is the artist of one of these masterpieces, hang it proudly on the refrigerator door and then preserve it with a view to give to your child in later years.

Make it a point to remember the sights and smells you experience today as you gaze upon the works of future artists, writers, teachers, and leaders of a new generation. Of children who will grow up to be the foundation of a new era. They are so worth it. •

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