Dollar Bill Folding Fun! Origami Money Plant Project Instructions

How to Make an Artfully Gorgeous Money Plant: A Fun, Creative Way to 'Gift' Money Away!

By Chris Dunmire | Updated June 14, 2015

My classic 'Cashius monetarius' Dollar Bill Money Plant has thrilled and amused gift recipients for nearly two decades.

Featured in Sandra and Harry Chonron's book "Money: Everything You Never Knew About Your Favorite Thing to Find, Save, Spend, and Covet" and seen on the award-winning Creativity Portal®, this ingenious, unique gift is tons of fun to make, and hard to give away!

Learn how to make this one-of-a-kind creative gift with my easy-to-follow 23-page project book featuring detailed instructions and photos for each step in its delightful construction.

But wait, there's more! Buy and download the book now and you'll also receive my fake, fun printable Money Plant seed packet — a humorous addition to the finished gift.

Dollar Bill Folding Fun! Money Plant Book by Chris Dunmire

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10 Reasons Why You Should Make a Money Plant

This beautifully crafted plant makes a stunning centerpiece for any celebration and the perfect gift when cash is the best gift of all!

Tight on cash? No problem! YOU get to decide how much your gift will be worth and fold the dollars accordingly into "leaves" that appear to grow out of the plant. As few as $20 in single dollar bills will make a beautiful, full-leaf plant (as seen in the plant pictured)! A perfect gift for group cash collections at church, school, or at the office. Here are 10 more occasions for making and giving away the Money Plant:

1. Weddings
2. Showers
3. Anniversaries
4. Retirements
5. Birthdays
6. High School or College Graduations
7. Fundraisers / Benefits
8. Job Promotions
9. Christmas / Festivus / Other Ethnic or Faith-Based Holiday
10. Just because its fun to make!

Beaming, Unsolicited Testimonials

“YOU are AWESOME!! I love your idea! ... I love creating gifts for people.” — M.W.

“You have just saved my sister in law's 50th birthday present. I can't wait for her to see it.” — M.M.

“Thanks so much for your fun ideas. I'm a little late for April Fools Day but I'll catch my friends when they least expect it.” — Beth

“Just wanted to say I just downloaded the Money Plant ebook and was so very pleased with it! My father-in-law will be 75 years old this Sunday and what a perfect gift for him! He loves to collect coins and I'm sure he will be very pleased when we give him a Money Plant! Thank you for a great job of designing and writing this ebook! The printable seed packets are so cute too!" — Kathy B.

“My niece and her sister-in-law were interested in giving a money gift at a bridal shower and would appreciate my help. ... Here's to your Money Plant! You sure made me look good.” — S.C.

“Thank you for your sharing your wonderful ideas. I once again have volunteered to make a group gift for work and you have made [the Money Plant project] beautiful, short and sweet, not to mention that I work in banking and this was a great bridal shower gift from all of us at work. thanks again, you are the best!” — M.K.

“I just wanted to say how wonderful I think your website is. So many times I am looking for simple craft projects to do for the kids at church and either have to purchase info or figure it out on my own. It is so great to see someone share their gift of creativity with those of use who aren't as fortunate in this area but can follow simple instructions. My small group at church is making the Money Plant for some missionaries that we are supporting and it will make a great centerpiece for our send off party and well as a wonderful parting gift. Thank you so very much for sharing.” — B.R.

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