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60th Year Birthday Card
(Happy Six-T!)

And an unbelievable story with three auditions.

By Chris Dunmire

When my mother-friend Pam was about to turn 60 years old a few years ago, I wanted to design her an unforgettable punny birthday card that made optimal cartoony use of the number six and the letter T.

Somewhere in the creative process my desirous imagination manifested an audition for three competitive ideas that did their best to steal the show. In the end, I could only choose one concept for the final birthday card.

The winner, after spending several hours with each, ended up being this one featuring six letter T's ("Happy Six-T") smiling playfully in harmonious celebration of this momentous event.

Yes, Happy Six-T! came out on top, and you can download and print this card (further down on the page) and gift it to anyone or anything you know will appreciate a "Happy Six-T!" coming their way. People, animals, businesses, trees...

Happy Six-T! Birthday Card

First Place : Six-T, Chicago, Illinois
Why they were chosen: Best group to get along without any major liabiliT's.

Of course, this story won't be complete until I tell you a little about the other two corny ideas that auditioned for the “60th Birthday” theme part, but just couldn’t seem to get their act together:

Happy Six-Tea! Birthday Card

Second Place: Six-Tea, Boston, Massachusetts
Why they were cut: Potential hot-liquid liability claims brewing under the lid. They may have come from a great Tea Party, but I couldn't keep up with their constant messes.

Happy Six-Tee! Birthday Card

Third Place: Six-Tee, Golf Green, Wisconsin
Why they were cut: Members’ non-stop back-stabbing and arguing to get their ‘point’ across. This really could have been a hole-in-one idea, but ended up way over par for the course. •

Happy Six-T Birthday Card

Download the Happy Six-T! Birthday Card
(PDF 361KB, 1 per page)

© 2007, 2011 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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