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Chris Dunmire's Love Notelets

Heart Art: Foldable Love Notelets

Free Sweet Lil' Valentine's Day Love Thangs You Can Even Wear On Your Sleeve!

By Chris Dunmire

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Looking for a little love to tuck into small sweet places? Print off a sheet of my free Valentine's Day Love Notelets™ to scribble your sweet nothings on!

These fun self-folding heart-shaped notes make perfect little Valentine cards to tuck into shirt pockets, lunches, purses, wallets, and backpacks — or to exchange with others. Better yet, they have nothing printed on them that makes them exclusive for Valentine's Day use so you can use them year-round. Share tha love!

Chris Dunmire's Love Notelets - 6 per sheet

Click to Download Love Notelets
(PDF 172KB, 6 per page
folded card size approx. 2.8 x 2")

If these Love Notelets™ look familiar it's because they are a smaller version of my larger self-mailing heart art card and minis, designed to print on the white side of a sheet of decorative scrapbook paper. Click on the link to go download those for free, too!

The example Love Notelets™ at the top of the page is printed on a sheet of decorative green swirly (soft-tint, acid-free Paper Pizazz) scrapbooking paper. The backside and folded-over flap displays the decorative paper pattern, and the inside is my purple and pink heart design. You can also print these cards on card stock, especially if you want a more rigid note or desire to draw, color, or doodle your own design on the flipside.

8 Steps to the Perfect Valentine's Day Love Notelet™ (as seen on Creativity Portal®)

  1. Print my Love Notelets or self-mailing heart art card and minis pages on card stock or decorative scrapbooking paper (white on printing side).

  2. Cut out notelet (note the easy one-snip between two cards configuration).

  3. Fold heart flap down flush with top of card.

  4. Write your juicy message to your loved one.

  5. Seal.*

  6. Gift Notelet to your recipient with love and smooches. (Or hide Notelet in personal article for later discovery and surprise.)

  7. Feel free to swap step #3 & 4.

  8. But don't swap #3 & 5.

* Get creative with your seals. You can certainly seal your Love Notelets™ with a kiss, although a dab of glue, a small sticker, or a wad of gum will hold your note closed much more securely. Whatever you do, don't use real seals — watery sea mammals are slippery and don't adhere well at all.

© 2011 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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