Rockford Red-Heeled Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkey Rockford, Illinois, has several claims to fame. Here's two: the Rockford Peaches and the red-heeled sock monkey. Both have exhibits at the Rockford Midway Village & Museum Center at 6799 Guilford Road.

Amboy City Park Chainsaw Tree Carvings

Tree Carvings What do you do when storms ravage your town's beautiful trees? Here's an unforgettable example of a community coming together creatively to transform tragedy into treasure. Includes online map and exhibit: 31 Sculptures: Amboy City Park.

Midway Village Museum / Rockford Peaches

Rockford PeachesAre you a Rockford Peaches fan and All-American Girls Professional Baseball League enthusiast? Midway Village Museum in Rockford, Illinois, features 'The Girls of Summer' Rockford Peaches exhibit and free research material on their Web site.

Freeport Winneshiek Players / Playhouse

Playhouse AuditoriumWinneshiek Playhouse in Freeport, Illinois, offer an abundance of activities available to anyone interested in the technical and creative aspects of community theater. Includes interviews with Mark Jansen and Tana Gundry.